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Once you have successfully submitted your bulk upload file, the number of queries in your file will be deducted from your query balance. Within a few minutes, the queries contained in your file will begin appearing in your Query History page. They will be labeled “Query Submitted: Via Bulk Upload.”

You can track these queries by their query status. The possible query statuses include the following:

Query Status Meaning
Awaiting Processing The query process will be initiated during the next nightly batch.
Processing The query is being processed.
Specific consent required You must manually send a consent request for a full query to the driver. This occurs when a bulk upload file lists query type 1 (limited query) and the limited query determines there is information in the driver's record.
Pending driver consent A consent request for the full query has automatically been sent to the driver. This occurs when the bulk upload file lists query type 2 (full query), 3 (pre-employment query), or 4 (limited query with automatic consent request) and the limited query determines there is information in the driver's record.
Completed The query has been completed and the results are available. This may be because a limited query returned a result of "Driver Not Prohibited," or because the full query was completed (with the driver's consent).
Driver Not Found The CDL information in the file could not be verified. The employers query plan is credited.

Last Updated : February 04, 2020

Download and complete the Bulk Upload Template File. (C/TPAs: If you work with multiple employers, you will need to upload a separate file for each employer.) Once you have completed the bulk upload file, log in to the Clearinghouse. Under My Dashboard, go to Queries and select “submit a bulk upload.”

Last Updated : January 29, 2020

Unlike individual queries, which are processed as soon as they are entered (in the case of limited queries) or as soon as a driver provides his or her electronic consent (in the case of full queries), bulk queries are processed in batches. These batches are processed each night, between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. ET., in order to avoid overloading the system during peak user hours.

Each night, the system will rotate through the submitted files, processing a batch of queries from each file in turn. Therefore, all bulk files are processed at approximately the same rate, regardless of the number of queries they contain.

Last Updated : January 29, 2020

Yes, the Clearinghouse supports a feature allowing employers to submit a bulk query by uploading a file containing multiple drivers to be queried; these queries will be conducted in batches. The Clearinghouse allows for the bulk uploading of driver queries by preparing a tab-delimited file and uploading that file into the Clearinghouse for processing. Download an example file

The first row of the file should contain the field names as listed below with each additional row consisting of information for the driver that will be queried. The following fields should be provided in a tab-delimited file:

LastName – This field contains the driver’s last name. This would include hyphenated last names. Suffix to a last name should not be included in the submittal. Maximum length 40 characters.

FirstName – This field contains the driver’s first name. Maximum length 40 characters.

DOB – This field contains the Date of Birth. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

CDL – This field contains the Commercial Driver’s License Number or Commercial Learner’s Permit Number. Maximum length 25 characters.

Country – This field contains the Country Code where the CDL was issued. For CDLs issued in Canada use CN; for CDLs issued in Mexico use MX and for CDLs issued in the United States use US.

State – For CDLs issued in the United States and Canada, this field contains the two-character abbreviation for the State or Province where the CDL was issued. For Mexican States, this field should contain MX. For a list of acceptable abbreviations for Canadian Provinces and U.S. States read the instructions that come with the example file.

QueryType – This field contains the type of query that is being requested (learn more about the different types of queries). The values should be 1, 2, 3, or 4 with the values indicating the following:

  • 1 – Limited Query
  • 2 – Full Query
  • 3 – Pre-employment Query
  • 4 – Limited Query with Automatic Consent Request

“Automatic Consent Request” means that, if a limited query returns that the driver has violation information in his/her Clearinghouse record, the Clearinghouse will automatically submit a request from your employer to that driver for his/her consent to a full query. If you would prefer the Clearinghouse to automatically send a consent request in this case, select “4 – Limited Query with Automatic Consent Request.” If you would prefer the Clearinghouse not send these consent requests automatically, select “1 – Limited Query”.

Last Updated : January 08, 2020